Setup and configuration of Open Solar

Rapid Setup - Get Started with OpenSolar

Creating a new account for you,
Entering your business details in all the right places,
Adding team members (up to 5)
Setting up your default equipment that automatically pre-loads
Creating pricing schemes (up to 3) that quickly populate for you to choose from in each project
Adding payment options (up to 3) for you to recommend your customer (e.g. cash/lease)
Uploading your standard terms and conditions for you.
Enabling customer quote acceptance so your customer can proceed with ease
Linking your nearmap account, so you access high-res recent imagery, and
Setting up SMTP, so emails come from you (and don't automatically go into junk).
If you need more than the base amount of inclusions, select them below.

  • Includes
Rapid Setup - Cost of Goods Sold

Track your profit on a per-job basis
Supplier Shipping
Job site shipping & warehousing
Acquisition cost
Extra costs - Job difficulty
Extra costs - Roof Type
Panels (make and model)
Inverters (make and model)
Batteries (make and model)

  • Setting up your Costs of Goods Sold base Includes
  • Plus setting up COGS for up to 10 of the following
Rapid Setup - In-App Proposal Set-up

We help you stand apart from the competition by crafting your proposal to meet your needs.
Includes up to 5 case studies.
If you need more, please select them below.

Rapid Setup - Pimp my OpenSolar

Make your OpenSolar truly do what you want it to do
Customising project actions to your business, so your business workflow is reflected in OpenSolar
Setting up your lead capture form and installing it on your website

  • Includes
Rapid Setup - the Works

Includes all the Rapid Setup items

Setup Lead Capture Form & install on your website

Setup a lead capture form and integrate it into your company website.